March 2013

All new !

Yeahhh my new bussines card finally arrived and I do like it a lot 🙂 Hope you like it too??


Too busy for my blog :(

Sorry I have been out of touch! I was crazy busy for the past few weeks. Just to give you a quick update, I have lots of travels and nice shoots planned. My shoot with Andre Brito 2 weeks ago was postponed to may. In the next 2 months I will have shoots in France ,in Switzerland, Norway, Portugal with Andre Brito and the USA with Greg Gorman and Sylvie Blum 🙂 I am so  looking forward to all of them!

Hard work in Germany

Oh dear those German photographers know how to make you work 🙂  I spend 4 days in Germany and worked like crazy, morning till evening and CRASHED in my hotel room. I had a good time but was happy to be back home .. with some serious muscle pain! Really modeling is like a workout sometimes.