Toulouse ones again

I do love Toulouse, my first shoot in Toulouse with Patrick I really did not see much more apart from the airport the taxi the hotel, studio. But this time I stayed for 5 days, traveling around the area for different shootings and I finally got to see this lovely place a bit better. I had a bit of a rough start though when I left my phone in the taxi at midnight! How stupid of me! So lots of stress there but the hotel staff was very friendly and helped me get my phone back. After this shock I could enjoy the hotel, I had the beautiful Saint Exupery suite, and of course the book ” le petit prince” was there.  In the morning a lovely breakfast, I love a good breakfast 🙂 and ready to shoot. Traveled the next day towards the beach, stayed a few nights there in again lovely place. The shoots on the beach went great although one morning there was the early shoot, I am not a very early morning person, and without my breakfast working a few hours in the bloody hot sun I got a sun stroke! Never had that in my life, Thank god we kind of finished the shooting cause I was feeling really sick 🙁  Anyway I had very good week in a nice place and hope to come back.