Greg Gorman 2013!

LOVE the Greg Gorman workshops, hard work but so much fun. I had a kick of start with a shoot at the famous Greg Gorman wall and a invitation to have dinner with him and Kurt Russel. Great dinner and lots to talk about with Kurt and Greg and their many funny stories about other celebrities. After a lovely evening Kurt Russel even drove me back to my place, how sweet is that! 2 days later me and the Greg Gorman crew had a 10 hour drive from LA to Mendocino where the workshop was taking place. The view from Greg’s place is breathtaking! Right on the cliffs watching over the sea. Such a place with the best wine and food, hot tub and an amazing photographer I can honestly say this is for sure the best workshop a model can do. Theory class for the students in the morning then shoot time followed by some wine tasting in some lovely scenery’s more shooting, more wine and a supreme dinner. Had lots of fun with the students, especially with B&B lewinsky! The sweetest funniest couple. The crew was amazing, total of 6 crew members from chefs to light technicians. All I can say is that I hope to come back a third time!

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