Hard work in Germany

Oh dear those German photographers know how to make you work 🙂  I spend 4 days in Germany and worked like crazy, morning till evening and CRASHED in my hotel room. I had a good time but was happy to be back home .. with some serious muscle pain! Really modeling is like a workout sometimes.

Rocking Sicily

LOVELY Sicily I have to say, the nature is gorgeous! Beautiful blue sea, little blue lagoon like beaches, Great food! Yes those italians know how to make good food. Wish I could have stayed longer. Almost forgot, the shoot went well too 🙂 The  photographer was a real italian gentleman and we had fun. I love the pictures< hope you love them too!


I bought some new winter tires for my car so ready for my drive to Dusseldorf (where it is mandatory to have winter tires from october on). For the first 1.5 hours I obeyed the speed limit as good person who doesn’t want more speed tickets then she already haves and as soon as I crossed the border there was the “autobahn”  .. lovely! The shoot was Fun, with a super sweet make-up artist and stylist who tried to keep me warm with little heaters while I was suffering in the cold water! I would love to go back one day, and I probably will, to see a bit more of Dusseldorf, they say it’s a very nice city.

Jingle bells in Paris

Paris is so lovely at christmas time and those beautiful petite streets are so pretty except when you are driving a big hugh van!! Taking turns into small streets with cars double parked is no fun driving a big car. No parking space to find anyway let alone trying to find a big parking space, after surging for half an hour finally found a parking space 4 blocks away from the shooting location. Run like a crazy person with all my bags and arrived exhausted, but pictures looked fine.. I think.

Dark skin – white room …

It took a little time but the images from my 5th shoot Ivor are there!! ! The shoot was done in a completely white room and this mixed with my dark skin .. yes you can imagine 😉  Dark skin, White room and Ivor his talent (and mine of course) … voila.. some great looking pictures!

catwalk time

And No not for me, I’m sitting comfortably at the table, watching nervous beauty’s walk the catwalk.. ohh I felt sorry for them! and then the most stressful part of all.. the question round.. oh dear.. but I have to say it was fun! The location was perfect, lots of beautiful girls to look at and a glass of wine, what more can you ask for 🙂