Workshop with Greg Gorman in Austria

Austria here I come! But what a early rise 🙁 really Not my thing! I was at the train station at 4.55 I thought I would be the only one   waiting for the train at that hour but there where already more persons, all looking less sleepy then I did 😮 What a great workshop, Greg choose a super nice location in the middle of the vineyards, beautiful room, gorgeous swimming pool and way too much wine and delicious food… life of a model isn’t that bad:) The shoots where done at a very old Chateau, lots of different settings and different light. We had a group of 17 people and we had lots of fun, okay I had to work hard, run from one group to the next, trying not to get lost at this big Chateau! But after all this running around getting lost and do some posing somewhere in between there was lunch, every day for lunch we went to a different restaurant and ohhh the food was good!! Back to the Chateau we had some nice evening light and worked until 7, back to the resort we could do some swimming/chilling and dress up for dinner.. again nice food & wine and lovely locations. Working with Greg Gorman was so much fun and the students where great too, all kind of ages, the youngest was 19! We all got along well and we all had great picture in the end. I’m already looking forward to next workshop! .. witch will be in may in sunny California 🙂